Art & Architecture: Patterns / Dariusz Klimczak

How do you dream architecture?

Dreams are set in uncertain surroundings. When we sleep, we imagine and become the architects of our own world, capable of creating, materializing, and inhabiting far from our consciousness and the desire for consciousness.

Oneiric Architecture is self-generated and self-destructive, leading us to project spatial sensations into our minds, created when reality has become obsolete. In the contortion of the daydream, Oneiric’s space is set in an illogical, strange underworld where infinity and absence, lights and shadows, patterns and paradoxes are the materials that shape of our quirky architecture.

This ‘random’ piece of construction, a creative and inventive spontaneity that comes from a naked view of ourselves, free from the social artifices of our environment, are expressed through photographic manipulation in the work Patterns, by the Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak.

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