Marrying is overrated

1. cueva y cabaña

© Adrián Marmolejo

The marrying of an individual to their immediate environment dates back to the Neolithic times, to the days when we abandoned the mountain caves and started building instead of simply occupying. The fertile valleys watered by rivers weren’t able to accommodate the type of holes we used so much for shelter. We needed to recreate this safe environment, so the overlapping of matter in a similar way to our previous model on the base plane, seemed like the best solution.

But, why do we seek out shelter? The answer seems obvious, faced with the hostile, violent world outside, but in our subconscious, many believe that the shelter they found in a cave is an earthly reminiscence of the mother’s womb. Who, as a child hasn’t hidden inside a wardrobe within our homes and, more recently, wrapped ourselves tightly our sheets during a warm summer just to get to sleep?

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